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The Erlanger Business Council is getting wings of its own!

The EBC held its first formal meeting at the Erlanger City Building with a crowd of approximately 60 people on July 31. This was double the turnout from an introductory meeting in June.

Through the tremendous out-pour of support, the leadership of this group is quickly being transferred from a city-initiated venture to a local business leader facilitated endeavor. The EBC Leadership Committee is excited to be creating a new group with their own twists on past and existing groups of this type. The EBC is an advocacy group whose mission is to drive economic success for Erlanger by encouraging new business development, supporting current businesses through open dialogue among owners/leaders and government officials, and enhancing the community around us.

The EBC will be meeting every Tuesday from 8:30am- 9:30am. On the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Tuesday of the month, the meeting will be called an EBC Community Meeting and will be centered around developing new business and personal partnerships. The 4th Tuesday of the month will be the Erlanger Business Council Meeting and will be centered around business advocacy and community engagement. The EBC will continue to meet at the Erlanger City Building in Council Chambers and the doors will always open up at 8:00am for open networking plus coffee and donuts sponsored by one of the business leaders. For additional questions, pleases contact Jessica Fette at

The Covington Business Council has provided advice and support to the Erlanger Business Council and is seeking to help other smaller communities grow and develop business advocacy groups to foster better relationships with government. For assistance, please contact Pat Frew at the CBC at 859-431-1500, extension 1.

Thank you to Jessica Fette for your contribution to this article.

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