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CBC Benefits for Nonprofit Membership

Tuesday, Sep 4th

The CBC Nonprofit Lunch and Learn series continues to grow in popularity as does the number of charities from all over Greater Cincinnati who are joining the Council.  At our most recent Lunch and Learn held August 28th, a record number of over 40 attendees, turned out to hear social media experts provide tips on managing a social media strategy, which will allow nonprofits to strengthen community recognition and support. VonLehman continues to be a strong sponsor, partner and host of the series. The firm heavily promotes the quarterly meetings to its 400 nonprofit clients. The next lunch and learn will be held on November 13 on the topic of employment and culture. In addition, the CBC has added healthy gains in the charity sector.  Back in 2010, 17 percent of the CBC’s 130 members were nonprofits.  That percentage has blossomed to 22 percent of the CBC’s 370+ members. The lunch and learn is not the only amenity granted this group.  A two-minute nonprofit spotlight is offered to one member at each monthly luncheon. Those crowds average about 175 in attendance.  The CBC also broadly promotes nonprofit’s activities on the CBC social media pages and in the weekly CBC newsletter that goes out to more than 800 individuals. Membership rates for charities are half the rate charged of for-profit businesses and start at $125.  For more information regarding CBC membership, contact Executive Director Pat Frew,