About our Events

Impactful Connections

We're a connection hub that goes beyond networking to help members establish meaningful ties to the right people, decision-makers, businesses and organizations. Some of events that can help you create impactful connections include:

CBC CONNECTS - CBC Connects events are designed to facilitate networking and collaboration among Covington Business Council members. These gatherings offer structured networking sessions, interactive activities, and engaging discussions on topics relevant to the local business community. CBC Connects events provide attendees with valuable opportunities to expand their professional networks and forge new partnerships.

AFTER HOURS SOCIALS - These events provide a relaxed and informal setting for professionals to unwind after a day's work while fostering meaningful connections. Held at various venues throughout Covington, After Hours Socials offer attendees the chance to mingle, exchange ideas, and build relationships in a laid-back atmosphere. Whether enjoying drinks or hors d'oeuvres, participants can network in a vibrant and dynamic environment.

Relevant Programming

We offer educational and networking opportunities that help members solve real world business issues and grow professionally.

NONPROFIT LUNCH & LEARNS - Nonprofit Lunch and Learns are educational sessions tailored to the needs of nonprofit organizations in Covington. These events provide valuable resources, tools, and expertise to help nonprofits thrive and fulfill their missions. From fundraising strategies to board development, Nonprofit Lunch and Learns offer practical insights and actionable advice to support the nonprofit sector's success.

ROUNDTABLES - Roundtable discussions offer a platform for in-depth conversations on specific topics or issues affecting the Covington business community. Led by industry leaders or subject matter experts, these sessions encourage participants to share insights, best practices, and solutions to common challenges. Roundtables foster collaboration, innovation, and knowledge-sharing among attendees, ultimately driving positive change and growth.
Nonprofit Programming


We're committed to improving Covington's economic footprint and attracting other businesses who want to grow along with the community. The CBC lobbies on behalf of members and the business community on the local, state, and national levels.

MONTHLY LUNCHEONS - These luncheons are a cornerstone of the council's programming, offering a regular opportunity for members to come together for networking, education, and community engagement. Held on a monthly basis at various venues across Covington, these luncheons feature keynote speakers, panel discussions, or presentations on topics of interest to the local business community. Attendees enjoy a delicious meal while gaining valuable insights, industry updates, and actionable strategies to enhance their businesses. With a focus on fostering connections and facilitating knowledge-sharing, Covington Business Council Monthly Luncheons provide a platform for members to stay informed, inspired, and engaged in the vibrant business ecosystem of Covington.

HARD HAT TOURS & SOCIALS - Hard Hat Tours provide exclusive behind-the-scenes access to upcoming development projects and construction sites in Covington. Led by industry experts and project managers, these tours offer participants a unique opportunity to learn about the latest developments shaping the city's landscape. From commercial buildings to revitalization efforts, Hard Hat Tours provide valuable insights into Covington's growth and progress.

Relationship Driven Culture

Our welcoming environment fosters long-term connections and the recognition of each member, as part of a supportive, dynamic group. Participation in committees and task forces creates a strong presence for your company while building relationships.

ANNUAL DINNER - The Covington Business Council's Annual Dinner is a prestigious gathering that brings together key stakeholders, business leaders, and community members for an evening of celebration and networking. It serves as a platform to recognize achievements within the Covington business community, highlight milestones, and set the vision for the upcoming year. Attendees can expect fine dining, captivating keynote speakers, and opportunities to connect with industry peers.

SPRING & FALL GOLF SOCIALS - The Fall and Spring Golf Outings offer members of the Covington Business Council a chance to enjoy a day of golf while networking with fellow professionals. Held at prestigious golf courses in the Covington area, these outings combine friendly competition with opportunities for business networking and relationship-building. Participants can enjoy a round of golf in a scenic setting while connecting with peers from across the business community.

NEW MEMBER ORIENTATION - New Member Orientation sessions welcome and introduce new members to the Covington Business Council community. These sessions provide an overview of the council's mission, programs, and resources, as well as guidance on how new members can maximize their membership benefits. New Member Orientations offer a warm and inclusive introduction to the Covington business community, helping newcomers feel welcomed and connected from the start.
More Information:
For more information on the Covington Business Council and how our events can help you both personally and professionally, contact Amanda Carleski, Marketing & Events Manager at acarleski@cbcky.com or (859) 431-1500.
With a member-centric focus, the Covington Business Council provides access and connections to the dynamic growth of Covington, Kentucky by fostering a culture that promotes one-on-one attention. CBC delivers an experience that is personal and focused on the success of its members. Covington Business Council provides educational programming, impactful assistance and meaningful opportunities for its members to advance their business and professional growth.
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