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The Importance of Post-Pandemic Networking

The Importance of Post-Pandemic Networking

In the last year, business owners have had to change and adapt their practices more than ever. While the worst of it seems to be in the rearview, there will still be many more changes businesses will need to make. As restrictions lift and people begin to wander back out like bears out of hibernation, a plethora of questions remain unanswered. What will this “new normal” look like? Will people ever be comfortable being packed into restaurants, venues or stadiums like we were in the pre-pandemic days?

Many of these questions are left to keep small business owners tossing and turning throughout the night while contemplating what the next roadblock could be. “Will I have enough staff to deal with a possible influx of customers?” Or “What new guidelines will I have to mold my business around?” Like many other situations we have all been thrown into this year, we simply will not know these answers until we are experiencing the lifting of restrictions and reopening.

While this unknown ground may seem troubling, there are plenty of steps you can take to get connected with your community. By getting connected you can position yourself to use this reopening as a springboard to take your business to new heights. One great way to do this can be as simple as joining different networking groups. These groups are set up to help strengthen your businesses’ connections. This can be the best way to reach out for help, promote events, and market yourself and your overall brand.

This can seem intimidating or overwhelming to smaller business as a lot of these groups can have thousands of members, which can make it easy to fall through the cracks. This is where smaller organizations like the Covington Business Council find their niche. The CBC is an organization that has been constructed with small business owners in mind. With 400 members the CBC is small enough to give you plenty of time in the spotlight, making sure your needs are taken care of. While on the smaller side these 400 members are extremely diverse, which provides an opportunity to personally network with businesses from all corners of the area.

These member’s businesses range anywhere from restaurants, law offices, digital marketers, coffee shops, boutiques, bars and so on. If you would like to view the list of members you can do so by clicking here!

With their focus on connecting small business owners within the area, the CBC holds events that are designed to give each member a chance to make positive, meaningful connections. Each event’s purpose is to give members an opportunity to not only connect but to promote any events they would like the community to know about. Another huge benefit of joining organizations like the CBC is utilizing them as another source of marketing.

The CBC is always happy to help promote their members event’s. One way the CBC does this is over social media and digital marketing channels, the CBC also provides member and nonprofit member spotlights at all of their events.

Business advocacy groups like the CBC, also represent their members. This can take on many forms such as rallying to get a group of similar businesses together to accomplish a greater goal within their respective industry. The CBC has a hand in the beautification of their area as well. By joining organizations like the CBC you also benefit your community in multiple different ways.

If you would like to learn more about the CBC and its benefits you can visit our website here

If you’re located in the greater Cincinnati area and would like to become a member of the CBC you can click here to get signed up!

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