Why Join the Covington Business Council - FAQs

Why Join the Covington Business Council?
What Does the Covington Business Council Do?
Answer:  Think of us as Covington’s small business association coupled with a Covington-based business networking group.

We host over 100 events every year to make sure business owners make those important, meaningful business connections.

The events vary from after-hours socials to hard hat tours to weekly networking meetings. In between those events, we host two golf outings each year, special luncheons each month, non-profit focused meetings, as well as informal events.


Why Join the CBC? Professionals Networking

How is CBC different from groups of its kind?
Answer:  The CBC not only says it takes a genuine interest in helping members grow their business, but we prove it by sitting down with each business that joins. We help them come up with a game plan for creating return on investment from their dues purchase. In short, we try to almost go overboard in paying attention to our stakeholders.

Question:  What challenges do CBC businesses face when considering membership in the Council?
Answer:  Some members are challenged in finding business prospects. Some businesses based in Covington are interested in enhancing their connections in City Government in the hopes of gaining eligibility for incentive funds.

For example, the CBC encountered a lawyer who inherited an existing practice with absolutely no game plan for marketing the firm. The CBC was able to connect that business to legal marketing resources in the community to help them craft a business development approach in reaching new clients. 

The needs that businesses face can vary greatly but the CBC’s solutions always center around the three major benefits of CBC membership: providing companies access to opportunity and growth.

Question:  How Can you Get the Most Out of Your CBC Membership?

  • Attend any of our 100 events a year.
  • Select the events you enjoy the most and be regular in attendance.
  • Introduce yourself. Make yourself known. Ask for business leads. Share business leads.
  • Read (or skim) the weekly CBC newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest business events in Covington.
  • Look through the Covington business membership directory and reach out to fellow members directly or ask the CBC Executive Director to introduce you.
  • Volunteer on a CBC committee to help fellow CBC members and staff grow and support the CBC.

Question:  What happens when you first join the CBC?
Answer:  The CBC provides you with a new member orientation on Zoom to meet the CBC staff and learn about the benefits of becoming a CBC member.

Another great benefit when you join the Covington Business Council is that your company is added to our weekly newsletter and we connect with your business on social media. We share your announcements and social media posts in our newsletter and social media platforms.

Question:  If my company joins, are all company employees now CBC members?
Answer:  Yes. When you join the Covington Business Council, as a member company, this allows for all employees of the company to be a “CBC member” and participate in member-only meetings and events.

However, if you are a medium or large size company it may not be practical for all you employees to be engaged or receive our newsletter.  We usually encourage members to select 3-4 key employees to sign up to receive our communication.

Question:  Is the CBC a Good Networking Group for Entrepreneurs and Start-Ups?
Answer:   Starting a new business is not for the faint of heart. It takes a lot of time, energy, and frankly…it takes a village to raise a new business. Make the CBC your village. Build your tribe with fellow CBC members that have been there and done that. Learn from experienced owners that can give you priceless business advice.

Start your business networking in Covington by meeting other CBC members. You will soon see that business referrals don’t need to be stressful.

When you join the Covington Business Council, fellow CBC members are your tribe and have your back. Many of our events are informal and relaxed and offer the opportunity to get to know each other personally and professionally. It’s a great networking group for entrepreneurs.


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