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Roebling Point is Preparing for Major Growth

Friday, Jan 17th

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Almost 200 people attended the CBC luncheon yesterday at the Embassy Suites to hear about Covington’s point of entry,  Roebling Point and the new Covington Yard.

Richard Dickmann, owner of Smoke Justis, resident and huge advocate of the area,  mentioned that it’s a cluster of hotels, retail, residential and commercial space.  However, it needs to be connected through infrastructure, wayfinding, and marketing in a safe and pedestrian friendly environment. Roebling is a welcoming point to Kentucky and he wants to put a “cover on the book”.

Josh Niederhelman, a principal of Covcore Real Estate Investments and Covington resident, is the brainchild behind Covington Yard.  Niederhelman described his plan to transform 401 Greenup Street into a public outdoor gathering space, complete with picnic tables, string lights and 4-5 food vendors.  He visions a pet friendly meeting space or extended backyard for neighbors, friends and visitors. The project is expected to be completed this spring.

Mary Willenborg, owner of Park Place BIZ in Covington and CBC Board member, mentioned that Roebling Point has always been a “crossroad with tremendous potential”  She provided a brief history of the area for the past 70 years. She stated there is “real opportunity now to live, work and play” and the “potential is about to be realized”

In other news, Covington Economic Director Tom West  mentioned the expansion of Hotel Covington and stated that there will be BIG NEWS coming in the next 30 days about Latonia.  In addition, the IRS master plan was unveiled to The City and is available online at

The CBC would like to thank our member spotlight of the month, Bob Berendson, President of iDeaZone Marketing.  For over 10 years, iDeaZone Marketing has been helping local and national companies grow and expand their businesses, by offering services like branding, package design, marketing and website development.  You can easily see their work just by visiting several Covington businesses websites such as and

We also like to thank our members, speakers and especially our sponsors for the luncheon, St. Elizabeth Healthcare and MCM CPA and Advisors.

Written by Molly Weaver, Capacity Coordinator, Covington Business Council