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Member Spotlight: ComAssist

ComAssist is a business management consulting firm that offers a wide range of education, coaching, consulting and services. The company's chief growth strategist and program developer is Larry Nitardy, the team includes a team of other winners, experienced professionals attached when needed, who have helped hundreds of businesses achieve their goals. As detailed below, ComAssist’s coaching services are designed to help businesses improve their performance in a variety of areas, including leadership, sales, team building, and business growth; the ideal result is increased revenues, improved margins, and a more sustainable business.

About ComAssist:

ComAssist educates, coaches, and consults on expanding, empowering, and exerting performance improvement on companies set on “Expanding, Empowering, Exerting” their own Growth in Revenue Generation, Margin Improvement and Sustainable Presence. Their all-inclusive approach focuses on 5 Pillars of Business Excellence, “People, Planning, Product, Productivity, Perseverance”©. Common efforts are in the areas of:

  • Strategic and Critical Thinking, Strategic and Tactical Planning

  • Leadership Development

  • Talent Development, Hiring and Onboarding

  • Accountability Partnerships

  • Client Targeting, Order Acquisition, Marketing and Sales

  • Client Experience, Order Fulfillment

  • Performance and Execution, “One on One”, and Teams

  • Succession Decision Making, Planning for Exiting, Growing and Purchasing

  • Individual Discovery and Empowerment Workshops

  • Creative Problem Solving, Root Cause Analysis, and Continuous Improvement

ComAssist works individually and organizationally with every client, all work is tailored, no two programs are every the same. While technology, tools and works process used may be the same, the dialogue is 100% aimed at each business and individual served.

Why Choose ComAssist for your “outside consulting” influencer?

14 years of measurable Results for Northern Kentucky, Cincinnati, and the Tristate region of WV, individuals and their companies, clients, and communities.

ComAssist was founded in 2010 by Larry Nitardy. Larry has over 45 years of experience in the business world, with in-depth experience in growth development in companies of all sizes, from start-ups to corporate stars.  With long stints in all four primary business functions, Marketing, Management, Materials, and Movement, and over a decade in continuous improvement that includes all four efforts, Larry is well equipped to understand issues within all business verticals and sizes.  A specialist in creative ideation and paths generation, he is passionate about helping businesses succeed, and he believes that the answers to the difficult business questions reside inside the challenge owner, many just need help in discovering and addressing them.

Supporting ComAssist’s commitment to excellence in serving its clients are a cadre of aligned professional who are also helping hundreds of businesses achieve their goals as other subject matter experts.

For a free consultation on your business today, or just to learn more about ComAssist, or to schedule a consultation, please visit the company's website at, or call (423) 312-3439. Discussion is free, there is no charge until "the work starts" on agreed upon effords to improve wellbeing on the conditions to be addressed.

ComAssist is a leading provider of growth strategies, delivered to select others through professional mentoring, education, coaching and consulting. Its services are designed to help businesses improve their performance in a variety of areas, including revenue generation, margin improvement, and a more sustainable business.

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