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Where the Jobs Are!

Moving forward at CBC luncheons, Covington’s Economic Development Department will provide an update on new businesses moving to the City. At the September 20th luncheon at Embassy Suites, Department Director Tom West announced the following:

The City continues to work on the large development projects such as Duveneck II, John R Green and River Haus.

The City is also focusing on the following smaller businesses with great jobs:

• BM2 Freight Services will bring 35 existing jobs and add 10 more at RiverCenter later this year.

• Prolocity Cloud Solutions will keep their 15 full time high-wage jobs at RiverCenter and add 30 more in the near future.

The team is working on the following initiatives:

• Reviewing proposals from consultants to help us develop a city wide economic development strategy

• Conducted interviews and will be presenting a selected consultant to help rewrite Covington’s Zoning Ordinance

• In contract negotiations with selected consultant for the Central Riverfront Master Plan (IRS site)

• Working on developing a policy related to use of Industrial Revenue Bonds for the Commission

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