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The Role of Pubic Health during a Pandemic

Friday, Jun 19th

CBC June Virtual Luncheon 1

“Covid fatigue is real”, stated Dr. Connie White, Deputy Director of Clinical Affairs, Kentucky Department for Public Health, and guest speaker at the CBC Virtual Luncheon on June 18th. Although she understands this fatigue, she further clarified the coronavirus is not going away until there’s a vaccine.  The cornoavirus is a deadly respiratory illness, spread through the release of respiratory particles, such as coughing, talking, or even singing. Social distrancing at least 6 feet and wearing a dry mask are two essential steps to stopping this virus from spreading.  Dr. White also explained that we need 3 things to happen in order to return to “normal”,  1. Better treatment  2. A cure 3. A vaccine.  For  more information on Covid-19 and #healthyatwork guidelines, visit

In other news, Tom West, Covington Economic Development Director announced that Hilltop is moving its corporate headquarters to the Covington riverfront,a $3.3 million investment and bringing 20 high-paying jobs. The City is getting ready to send the neighborhood development code to the planning commission for recommendations and expanded the small business program guidelines including eligibility for daycare centers and bonus points for businesses owned by minorities, women, and military veterans.

Roger Babik, Executive Director of Master Provision and sponsor of this event,  stated that Master Provisions feeds, clothes, and cares for over 50,000 people every month and that 95% of donations go right back to the community.  It’s new 1994 Connects programs, based on Master Provisions founding in 1994,   gives a 100 meals to hungry neighbors with a monthly donation of $19.94.

We also appreciate our title sponsor for this event, St. Elizabeth Healthcare. In addition to St. Elizabeth’s vital role in testing and treating covid19, they are proud to announce that Dr. Mario Castillo-Sang has joined their Heart and Vascular Institute to bring leading expertise in minimally invasive mitral valve surgery to the Northern Kentucky community. Please welcome him to our community.

You can watch the luncheon on the CBC youtube channel at,