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SEO for Small Business: Do You Have an SEO Strategy?

SEO for small business is an important topic. In fact, the CBC is constantly trying to keep our own site optimized in order to help our member companies be found in more places online.

The CBC is an organization based heavily on in-person networking events, after-hours hard hat tours and after-hours socials. Post-Covid, everyone on the planet had to pivot to the digital world faster than any of us thought was humanly possible. In doing so, we had to update the outdated pre-Covid marketing plan and our small business SEO strategy; plans that were, and will always be, about helping our members companies grow.

The CBC is all too aware that our members cannot exist if they are not found online. We strive to educate the community daily about our members and their services/products from our events to our social media platforms. We encourage CBC members to work with fellow CBC members every chance they get. We exist solely to help our members businesses grow.

How can we help our members even more now that they are doing almost all their work online? One great way is through our SEO (search engine optimization) efforts on our own website and by sharing some SEO advice with our members…especially small businesses…the ones with the smallest marketing budgets.

If our members do not have the budget to spend on digital advertising, very few people will find them.

This is why SEO is SO IMPORTANT for every single company with a website. A site must be optimized in order for people to find it. This is an ongoing process that EVERY SINGLE company needs to do.

Do you have a small business SEO strategy?

What is SEO? Why does everyone keep talking about it?

Every time you type a keyword or key phrase into a search engine, computers are searching and displaying indexed websites with corresponding search terms.

It is up to YOU to make sure your website is optimized with the right keywords that people use to search for your product or service. It is up to YOU to make sure that your website has fresh, relevant content so that your company is indexed well.

This requires WORK for a business. Yes. I said it. More work. Great, you say, I already have enough things going on in this post-Covid world, how can I even think about adding on more work?? Simply put, if you want to be found, you MUST do the work.

If you do NOT optimize your website, very few people will find it.

If you do not perform SEO on your website, on a regular basis, the only way you can be found online is to run ads on social media or in print to direct people to your website. That is expensive AND time consuming. Search engine optimization is FREE……and time consuming. A good digital plan marketing should encompass both SEO and paid marketing.


Yeah, but what exactly do YOU get out of SEO? Why is it so important? Stay tuned…our blog next week will address these questions.


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