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Meet the Staff: Pat Frew

Can you tell us a little about your role at the Covington Business Council and what a typical day looks like for you?

There really is no ‘typical’ day but I try to make sure I check in with at least one of our members, on a daily basis, whether it’s one that is highly engaged in our activities/events or one that is challenged to do so.  I just want all of them to know they are all important to me/us and that we “see” them.

What do you enjoy most about working with the Covington Business Council?

I love that CBC embodies the collaborative, welcoming spirit of Covington and Northern Kentucky that makes it unlike any place in the country.

How does your work contribute to the Council’s mission of fostering growth and collaboration within the Covington business community?

CBC seeks to connect individuals that may have mutual interests to help them grow their organizations.  This growth may come in the form of new customers or just connections that help them become better engaged leaders in the region.

What is one of your favorite success stories or memorable moments from your time with the Covington Business Council?

It’s difficult to pick one story or moment.  It’s been an honor leading the CBC, now entering my 15th year.  Maybe it’s just the cumulative growth in our membership, which has quadrupled since 2010.  Or possibly it was standing on the stage at the Northern Kentucky Convention Center last fall at our Annual Dinner when we had nearly 500 people in the audience.  It was a true celebration of community spirit and admiration. What a stark contrast from what was a completely forgettable first Annual Dinner 14 years ago when 75 people, mostly sponsors or award recipients who were compelled to be there, showed up.  That year, one of our award recipients for Best New Business, packed up and moved to Northside four months later.  Back then businesses were not lining up to move to Covington.  Now, as we know, it’s quite different. I’d like to think CBC shares in some of the credit for the City’s transformation.

What do you like to do in your free time when you’re not working at the Council?

WhiIe many people would describe me as an outgoing person, we all have limits in terms of how much public interaction we can handle.  So when away from the office I like to spend time with family, particularly being “Ba Ba” to my three year old granddaughter Ramona.

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