Lord’s Gym Contributing To Men’s Lives & Local Economy

The Lord’s Gym was forced to move from its previous location in the 800 block of Madison Avenue more than a year ago. Due to unforeseen construction delays and Covid 19 it finally reopened this past summer at 16th and Madison.








Gym Director James Duncan says the move brings them closer to the male population they serve as well as being adjacent to many of their partners such as the newly relocated Parish Kitchen and Twin Rails Sober Living Men’s Home. The agency also has a JobCenter as part of the building which is an expansion of job services it provided while at the Madison Avenue location. In fact, Duncan says they are on pace to providing jobs for 1,200 this year.

Duncan says the building contains a full-service gym with a boxing ring. Cost is $20 annually for adults. Those who can’t afford the price are allowed to work in exchange for a free pass.

Groceries and food supplements are donated and passed out to the members. The homeless population and recovering addicts are their targeted audience. Spiritual enrichment is also provided along with a 12-step recovery program. Hours of operation are 8 AM – 7 PM weekdays.

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