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Daily Update April 15

Although we miss seeing everyone, the CBC continues to provide you access to opportunity and growth by offering free webinars,updates, and education.  Please feel free to contact CBC Executive Director Pat Frew at pfrew@cbcky.com  or any staff member and let us know how you are weathering this challenging environment.  Here’s a few things to know for today:

Community and Member Update

Roger Babik, Executive Director of Master Provisions,  says food donations are up 26% both from corporate and individual donations. Thank you for your support

ReVIV Family Support Foundation delivered 1,453 PowerPacks in 3 weeks.  However, they  have a 3 week waitlist with 653 new households on it,which means they’ll need 2,400 PowerPacks made to meet the needs of these families.  Visit their wishlist on Amazon to help here.  Learn more at https://revivfamilysupport.org

Remember to suport local businesses and turn in your BINGO card Renaissance Covington by midnight on Friday night. Details here.

Purchase your $50 gift card and your favorite bar/restaurant could be selected for a much needed $1000.  Submit receipt here.

COVID-19 Resources

The following links are excellent resources:

Kentucky Small Business Development Center for small business disaster relief here 

Commonwealth of Kentucky kycovid19.ky.gov

City of Covington COVID 19 Business Resource here 

Center for Disease Control and Prevention here 

Northern Kentucky Health Department here

City of Newport Emergency Assistance Program here


Member Spotlight

Women’s Crisis Center, with Executive Director Christy Burch

What are you biggest challenges now during this pandemic?

Right now, our biggest challenges come in making sure that we are adequately stocked with cleaning and health supplies to make sure that we are able to fulfill all CDC recommendations for ourselves and our shelter guests. We know that stay-at-home orders don’t necessarily mean that homes are safe, and have shifted all of our efforts to ensure that we are fully equipped to continue providing services to some of our community’s most vulnerable.

What do you need most at this time?

We have a range of needs from small to large, yet all of them are important. On the one end, we could really use a continued supply of masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, paper towels, and cleaning supplies to keep our shelter as clean as possible. On the other end, we have incurred some unexpected expenses during this state of emergence, and could really use some assistance with either funding or in-kind gifts to help with a few of the following costs.

Hotel costs. To provide self-quarantine or “healthy at home” options to our vulnerable families and individuals.  We are currently sheltering approximately 55 people in our two shelters with more coming in daily. Our shelter Capacity is approximately 60 people.

Air mattresses, pillows, and sheet sets. We are working to equip quarantine spaces in different WCC locations

Technology services. We are providing multiple services remotely, this adds additional cost for staff which requires agency reimbursement and set up for service to make this a possibility.  We are now providing service through a host of mediums; tele-health, mobile crisis calls, HealthZoom conferencing, and more.  This technology was not factored into our FY 19 budget and has added cost to our agency.

Additional supplies and food. Due to the community restrictions and two shelter locations, we are serving more food and families during this difficult time.

Financial assistance. We are trying to help our working clients/families who may be impacted by layoffs during this emergency.  This money would go directly for the purchase or payment of: rent, groceries, daycares or sitters, car payments and other necessary expenses to get through this desperate time for our clients who have made it to self-sufficiency but now could have that compromised or lost due to this pandemic.

 These truly are snapshots of the extra expenses and needs of victims of violence and their families.  We are also anticipating an influx in need for services and shelters when the self-isolation period has lifted.  Victims are telling us they are unable to escape due to this isolation.  We will be ready and waiting to handle this increased need when the time comes. We would be grateful for support and to share additional ways people could help Women’s Crisis Center during this time of crisis.

What else would you like to add?

I think right now, it’s just important for people to know that we are still here. We are still here to serve our clients in whatever ways they may need, even if it looks a little different for the time being. Please call us or message us on Facebook. We are still here and ready to help. Our hospital partners are still here to do forensic exams if necessary. The pandemic has changed a lot for a lot of people, but there are still so many services available for people who have been hurt by violence, and we are working day and night to ensure that those services remain in place for those who need it.

We are here, and we are still available 24/7 if someone needs us. (800) 928-3335 for Northern Kentucky and (800) 928-6708 for Buffalo Trace.


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