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Covington’s Future Look Downtown

Tuesday, May 15th

The Covington Business Council is shepherding efforts to help the City of Covington create revised design standards that will speed the process of continued development in the Central Business District. Thanks to a generous $30,000 grant from the Carol Anne and Ralph V. Haile Jr/US Bank Foundation, the CBC – through a partnership with the City of Covington, Haile Foundation, and MeetNKY – is the lead funder for this initiative to establish updated design guidelines for Covington’s Historic Downtown Core. The total project will cost $60,000 with Meet NKY and Southbank Partners chipping in $15,000 each.

The project will result in the development of design standards which can be used guide both public and private investment in Covington’s streetscape environment. The work will inform decisions on future publicly-funded projects such as the streetscape improvements coming to Duveneck Square and privately-funded projects similar to those currently happening at 501 Main and the Boone Block Lofts.

A newly formed committee of community and business leaders and city staff will meet and hold public forums in key areas of the business district to get community input, enabling a shared vision with the goal of having a recommended plan for City approval by mid to late summer.