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COVID -19 Update: Help may soon be on the way for affected businesses

Written by Pat Frew, CBC Executive Director

Help may be on the way soon for affected businesses in Covington:

St. Elizabeth Healthcare has a COVID-19 update page that updates patients & visitors on the latest changes to patient care at their facilities.  If you develop symptoms,  St. Elizabeth recommends staying at home and contacting your primary care physician to determine next steps unless you need emergency care. This reduces the spread of disease to other patients and staff.  If you have a chronic illness St. Elizabeth recommends you consider rescheduling any routine appointments.  Check with your primary care physician or specialist to see if Video Visits are an option until cases of the virus subside.  St. Elizabeth will also extend prescriptions for 30 days to ensure you do not run out of medication.

We have also been asking our members what they are doing with the additional time that will potentially be having depending on how long the outbreak lasts.  CBC Operations Manager Christine Barth plans to update the CBC operations manual.  Full Throttle Adrenaline Park Sales Manager Becky Vaughn is using the time to create a sales manual and creating group packages for target markets.

In the category of new normal, Amy Kennedy, VP, Sales Manager with Sibcy Cline, reports they are no longer taking interior photos of homes they are marketing because of the virus.

These are alarming times for many people with questions about their health or their job status.  We understand that. Stay calm. CBC will be announcing an online chat next week with experts to help answer questions you may have from the employment front.

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