CBC Member Spotlight, Park Place BIS

Park Place Business Improvement Strategies is a team of Consultants and Project Managers who utilize a process improvement methodology to solve business problems as well as document their Solutions. They help both for-profit & non-profit organizations to get back on the right track by determining best practices in their problem areas; whether they are financial, operational or of a sales/development nature. Their focus on building Actionable Metrics that produce Sustainable Results for our clients is what has kept the business thriving since 1996.

They are actively engaged with the following organizations:

  • Covington Business Council
  • NKY Chamber of Commerce
  • Greater Cincinnati Chapter of SCORE

Pictured above is Pat Frew, Executive Director of the CBC with Park Place BIS President and Founder, Mary Willenborg.

To learn more about Park Place Business Improvement Strategies, visit the website at https://www.parkplacebis.com

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