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CBC Member Spotlight: Dave Wolfer, Wolfer Promotions

Monday, May 4th

The CBC would like to thank Dave Wolfer, Owner of Wolfer Promotions, for his time and commitment to the CBC, and recognize him as a CBC Volunteer and Member Spotlight.

Dave is an active member fo the CBC by volunteering on the golf committee and concierge committee.  He also serves on our membership committee and has taken a leadership role by proactively contacting members about membership investment in the CBC.  In addition, Dave is often seen attending mutliple CBC events including socials, hard hat tours and monthly luncheons.

Dave was a CPA for 8 years out of college (Univ. of Cincinnati), switched into sales, and wanting to combine both of those experiences, he ultimately started his business, Wolfer Promotions in 1995.   He wakes up every morning not knowing what promotional products he might sell that day … imprinted t-shirts, embroidered shirts or hats, pens, travel mugs, golf outing stuff, etc.  He abolutley loves what he does and has many roles, a sole proprietor, the salesperson, the marketing guy, the accounting person, and the deliver person.

He is most proud of his 2 kids, Justin (age 27) and Marisa (age 25).  They are great “kids” and he’s also in love with his grandson Xavier, who is only 10 months old.  When he’s not working, he like to travel, (a lot!  59 days in 2019) and you might see him quite often on the golf course on Thursdays, Fridays and/or Saturdays.

Something very few people know is that  Dave is deathly afraid of needles!!  He is child  #6 of 7 kids … and the 5 older siblings used to terrorize him about going to the doctors for a shot.  For example, his siblings said the needle was 10″ long, rusty & crooked, or it would go in one side of your arm and out the other!

Look for Dave at the next CBC event!