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Brighton Center – Member Spotlight

We recently reached out to Lauren Copeland, Director of Brighton Center for our nonprofit member spotlight.

What is your biggest challenge and what is needed to fulfill your mission?

We are currently assessing the extent of the financial and service impact of COVID-19 on our organization. The guidance on the newly passed federal legislation is a significant factor. However, we have seen the following impact since March 16th:

• Increase demand for service — emergency assistance (food, supplies – hygiene and cleaning, and rent payments) 951 households (2,004 individuals) served from March 16th- April 3rd. This is a 300% increase in the numbers served from this time last year

• Increased calls regarding unemployment claim questions; approximately 1,800 calls/week

• Increased calls for mortgage assistance (14 in the past two weeks)

• Potential loss of fee for service revenue — child care centers, home visitation programs, financial education classes and financial coaching and our ability to draw down critical funds when our workforce development program moved from face to face instruction to distance education.

Brighton Center needs both unrestricted general operating funds to sustain the organization during this uncertain time as well as emergency assistance funds for the families we serve. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic there are thousands that have lost their employment and child care in a matter of weeks and are in desperate need of food and supplies, as well as maintaining their housing. We request funds for those items – food, personal care items and funds to pay rent/utilities to assist families with maintaining housing. We are assessing existing funding streams and the implications of recently passed federal legislation, but we know that operating support will be needed as well.

As a comprehensive social service agency with 41 programs serving individuals from infants to older adults across all income levels, Brighton Center is committed and prepared to continue to provide critical services to those in need during the COVID-19 pandemic. Since the Governor of Kentucky declared a State of Emergency, Brighton Center has continued to provide necessary services to individuals in the community. We have modified our programs in accordance with CDC guidelines, while continuing to meet the most critical community needs. We will continue to serve families during these challenging times as we see an increase in the number of people accessing services, we will need the communities help more than ever. The effects of the COVID outbreak has impacted the families in nearly every aspect of their life. They are trying to adhere to directives while many are losing employment and child care services since those were ordered closed by 3/20/20. Those that are still employed are struggling to juggle work and care for their children. Additionally, with schools closed and children home, many parents are reporting an increased need for food resources. All this is happening when other supportive community services are closing, so resources available to struggling families are thinning out when they are needed the most. All of this is contributing to the increased need for emergency assistance (food, personal care, rent/utility assistance) and support with applying for unemployment and other social safety net benefits they may be eligible for. Based on our experience serving families during the Great Recession, we saw a substantial increase in the number of individuals accessing emergency assistance, foreclosure prevention services, and workforce development services and training. We anticipate similar services will be needed, and that there will be more in need with less resources.

We want to be responsive to individuals and families who need our essential services or are experiencing economic hardships due to this outbreak. Brighton Center is looking for monetary donations to purchase food, personal care, and cleaning supplies in bulk to help sustain our daily operations and direct assistance to individuals to support families with rent and utility payments. Monetary donations can be made online here. We also have an Amazon wishlist where individuals can support our organization with the click of a button! For those looking for volunteer opportunities, we are still in need of volunteers to help pack food boxes and deliver food boxes to homebound older adults, if you are interested please sign up here.  

799 Ann St. Newport, KY 41071


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