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5 Reasons Businesses are Moving to Covington, Kentucky

Shopping for your ideal business location can be exciting, challenging and wearisome.  Of course, a business needs to be profitable, but what about exposure, talent retention and support?  As new investments continue, we’ve identified 5 reasons why businesses are moving to Covington, KY.

1.  Location, location, location – We can’t say it enough!  No one wants to spend their day driving multiple hours to/from work.  Covington is centrally located in the tri-state.  It’s close proximity to the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport gives you access to anyone/anywhere. Five universities are within 10 miles and Gateway Community College is located in the business district in Covington. Look no further for the next talent pool.

2.  Access- Business meetings take place at restaurants. Friends and co-workers meet for lunch and after hours. Covington has a variety of hotels, restaurants, entertainment options, and let’s not forget, the NKY Convention Center.  In addition, there’s an abundance of community events and most important, it’s all walkable!  When CTI Clinical Trial & Consulting was looking to relocate their headquarters, they polled current employees and determined that center city was critical.  CTI’s CEO Tim Schroder was quoted in the Northern Kentucky Tribune,  “We are looking forward to quickly becoming integrated into the community and making CTI a well-known and well-respected partner.”

3.  Urban Community –    Perhaps RoadiD said it best!   The company was outgrowing their headquarters and shopping for a new location. “We wanted to take the opportunity to find that perfect place. We desired to move away from an industrial park setting and into an urban community environment. We also wanted a building that not only gives us more space, but has character and charm. Someplace that enhances who we are…  After a lot of searching and some serendipitous events, we found it – a historical building in the heart of Covington, KY.”

4.  City of Covington – The City wants your business to grow and thrive!  The city offers several incentives to grow your workforce, keep operating costs low and renovate commercial space.  View the details at

5.  Business Support and Advocacy – If you are looking to develop business connections with other leaders and influencers, invest in the Covington Business Council!   We offer over 100 events a year to foster those essential business to business relationships. Contact CBC Executive Director Pat Frew at 859-431-1500×1 or for additional information.


Written by Molly Weaver, Capacity Coordinator, Covington Business Council 

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