Waterleaf Solutions

According to a 2021 survey:

45% of companies who respond to RFPs do not have a dedicated proposal manager or team.

Organizations with a dedicated proposal manager participate in more RFPs and are more likely to be satisfied with the efficiency of their process.

Organizations who participate in more RFPs win more business.


Waterleaf Solutions allows small businesses to outsource the Proposal Manager role, which helps them participate in more RFPs, produce proposals more efficiently, and min more business.

Waterleaf Solutions offers customized proposal/grant writing and management services for businesses and non-profits.  Our specialty is helping small businesses compete in the public sector.

Melissa Frazier founded Waterleaf Solutions in 2021.  She is APMP-certified and has nine years of experience as a proposal manager and new business development specialist.  She has written, priced, and/or managed thousands of proposals for public-sector contracts.  In her last position, she led a team whose proposals resulted in contracts worth $20MM annually.

Prior to this, Melissa studied Linguistics at the University of Cincinnati and the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, where she earned a Ph.D. Her dissertation research was conducted in Yucatan, Mexico.  She worked with dozens of native speakers in a large-scale acoustic study of Yucatec Maya (a living Mayan language).  Many of her recordings are archived with The Archive of the Indigenous Languages of Latin America.  Melissa has published eight academic papers in the field of linguistics and has been awarded numerous competitive grants for travel and research.

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