Community Projects

Covington Business Council projects Are helping our community grow.

The mission of the Covington Business Council is to actively promote and build a positive business environment in Covington. With support from the Carol Anne and Ralph V. Haile. Jr. U.S. Bank Foundation, we are proud to live out our mission with the following Covington Business Council projects:

CBC Projects

Madison Avenue Flowerbeds

On ongoing Covington Business Council project involves installing over 80 flowerpots on Madison Avenue. The Council plants seasonal flowers and provides continuous care enhancing the beauty of the city and curbside appeal.

Covington Business Council Project - Water Pump Station Art

Public Art

A Covington Business Council project involved the commission of an art mural project at the Sanitation District Pump Station on RiverCenter Blvd.The inspiration for this mural came from the building itself. On the front of the building there is a plaque with a relief of a castle. This symbol, chosen by the core of engineers, depicts strength against flood for the future. The cube like building will become a trompe l’oeil castle. This is accomplished by painting shadows and gradations to achieve the illusion of spatial structure. The opening on the east side will hold a mural of the suspension bridge painted from an existing historic photo of the 1937 flood. This mural will be done in black, white, and sepia tones. The chain link fence will be camouflaged by painting it the same color as the building. The finished project will give the building a fresh, clean look and will be a historic landmark of the 1937 flood of Covington.