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The Covington Business Council demonstrates its unwavering commitment to community and economic development by actively supporting a diverse array of organizations that play integral roles in Covington’s growth and well-being. These organizations represent the heart and soul of the city, working together with the Council to create a dynamic and inclusive community.

First and foremost, the Council lends its support to local nonprofits, such as the DCCH Center for Families and Children, which provides vital services to children and families in need. By partnering with these organizations, the Council contributes to the betterment of the community’s most vulnerable members and promotes a caring and compassionate society.

Additionally, the Council fosters a collaborative relationship with educational institutions like Covington Independent Public Schools, emphasizing the significance of quality education in driving Covington’s future. Their support contributes to enhanced learning opportunities and ensures that the city’s youth are well-prepared for success in a competitive world.

The Council also champions arts and culture through partnerships with organizations like the Carnegie, helping to create a vibrant and culturally rich city that attracts both residents and visitors alike. By bolstering these cultural institutions, the Council enriches the community’s creative fabric and fosters a sense of pride and identity.

Moreover, by collaborating with Covington’s business associations, the Council actively supports the growth of local enterprises. This support extends to diverse sectors, including technology and entrepreneurship, ensuring that the city remains economically competitive and forward-thinking.

In conclusion, the Covington Business Council’s commitment to supporting these organizations underscores its dedication to the well-being, prosperity, and inclusivity of the community. By fostering partnerships with nonprofits, educational institutions, cultural organizations, and local businesses, the Council plays a pivotal role in shaping a Covington that is thriving, resilient, and culturally vibrant, ensuring that the city continues to flourish in the years to come.

Organizations We Support - Covington Creates

Covington Creates

Quarterly meetups with rotating hosting duties. These quarterly meetups bring agencies, entrepreneurs, students, creative professionals, city officials, and curious minds together to discuss topics ranging from web3 to branding and packaging design to local entrepreneur support.

We focus on fostering collaboration between attendees. We encourage individuals from diverse backgrounds and industries to come together and share their knowledge and ideas. This often leads to pro bono support of local companies.

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Organizations We Support - CREW Cincinnati

CREW Greater Cincinnati

Since 1995, CREW Greater Cincinnati has connected commercial real estate professionals in the tri-state area, working together to: Create a dynamic and supportive environment that promotes advancement through knowledge sharing and networking.

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Organizations We Support - Emerging Leaders of NKY

Emerging Leaders of NKY

Organizations We Support - Emerging Leaders of NKY

Emerging Leaders Of NKY is dedicated to helping and offering opportunity to young professionals across Northern Kentucky.

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Organizations We Support - Made It

Made It Series


The Made It Series provides a fresh networking opportunity and features a relaxed, one-on-one discussion with two inspiring individuals.

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