CBC Member Diversity Information

We keep an up-to-date list of our minority and woman-owned businesses.

Please contact Pat Frew at pfrew@cbcky.com to be added to the list.

We encourage all CBC businesses to make an effort to do business with businesses on our diversity list.

It’s the CBC’s intent to help ALL of our member stakeholders achieve access, opportunity and growth as we fulfill the Council’s mission to actively promote and build a positive business environment in Covington, KY.

“Joining the CBC was an integral stepping off point for me to develop great relationships that have led to business growth. I have always appreciated their welcoming approach and encouragement for minority professionals, like me, to build awareness in this area. The CBC’s stance of adding more diversity and inclusion is a deep initiative that I have seen make a difference. It helps MBE professional firms, like Taylor Oswald, to grow our Northern Kentucky footprint -- It may be the single most valuable relationship I have for deep resources, networking and a thoughtful approach to current issues. I look forward to the future of the continual growth of Taylor Oswald in Covington due to the strong relationships and assistance from the CBC.” – Christopher Owens, MBA (pictured above)

Member Diversity at the CBC

As Covington’s business community continues to grow and evolve, the Covington Business Council aims to grow with it. We continue to actively seek a more culturally diverse family of members. The Council has been successful at recruiting more African American, Hispanic, Women and LBGTQ-led companies in the past few years. These groups combined now make up approxamately 7% of our membership. While this represents growth for the CBC, we know we can do better. We are asking for your help and assistance in reaching oyr goal of increasing this to upwards of 20% . Please refer us to such companies you know, allowing CBC and the Covington community to benefit from a wider spectrum of thought, perspective, and life experiences. 

Member Diversity Means More Business Opportunities 

The Covington Business Council acts as a conduit to assist African American-owned companies and women-owned companies to qualify and apply for a variety of different business grants each year.

The CBC is in the process of forming a networking group for women-owned and minority-owned businesses so they can continue to build their business referrals and network successfully.

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Learn More About Who We Are

The CBC’s Executive Director, Pat Frew can help your company make connections with the people you want to meet.

CBC members are active in the community and they are ready to do  business with you and your company.

The CBC’s ultimate goal is to further the interests of local businesses in northern Kentucky and Cincinnati, Ohio. The CBC is a voice and advocate for businesses in Covington, Ky and surrounding areas.

Member Diversity Means More Successful Local Businesses

We are huge advocates of women-owned businesses and minority-owned businesses. We want local entrepreneurs and businesses in our community to succeed! The CBC provides personal attention to our members, providing direct access to the executive director.

We pay attention to your business needs. Once we uncover why you joined, we do our best to fulfill your company needs. In addition, you encounter friendly business colleagues who genuinely want to help each other.

Please don’t just take our word for it. Feel free to reach out to any member in our membership directory to ask them about their experience working with the Covington Business Council.