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To actively promote and build a positive business environment in Covington, Kentucky.

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CBC maximizes the potential for economic growth in the City of Covington.

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Friday, Feb 26th

Creative Ideas for boosting your company culture with a virtual office - brought to you by Lindsey Vanderkolk, Creative Director at Scooter MediaGiven all the new challenges that we’ve all had to navigate since COVID-19 entered our lives, it remains very difficult for a company to maintain an office environment...

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Why SEO is Important for Your Company….and Every Company

Friday, Feb 5th

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Why SEO is important for every business... Why is SEO important for all businesses? As soon as we stop paying attention to our website, stop adding fresh content and key phrases that people are using in searches to find us, if we stop optimizing each page, Google or DuckDuckGo (or any...

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SEO for Small Business: Do You Have an SEO Strategy?

Tuesday, Jan 5th

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SEO for small business is an important topic. In fact, the CBC is constantly trying to keep our own site optimized in order to help our member companies be found in more places online. The CBC is an organization based heavily on in-person networking events, after-hours hard hat tours and...

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How to Make Your Nonprofit’s Annual Report Stand Out

Friday, Dec 4th

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- Written By Lauren Hall, Senior Account Executive at Scooter Media It’s that time of year again: nonprofit annual report season. A nonprofit’s annual report is more than financial graphs and donor lists; it’s a way to share what really matters with your constituents – most importantly, your mission. Annual...

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November 2020 Luncheon – The Encore to Hotel Covington Takes Form

Monday, Nov 23rd

Welcome to CBC Luncheon 1

Work continues on the development of the $22.5 million-plus renovation and re-imagining of the former YMCA building and Gateway Bookstore at the corner of Madison Avenue and Pike Street.  On November 19th, Guy Van Rooyen, President of the Salyers Group, provided the latest timeline for completion in the latest seminal...

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Annual Legislative Luncheon (October 2020)

Friday, Oct 23rd

Flag of Kentucky

If you missed our Annual Legislative Luncheon yesterday, you can watch it at your convenience here:  https://youtu.be/1_D19xjO_4U Political strategist Pat Crowley of Strategic Advisors moderated the panel which included State Representatives: - Buddy Wheatley - Adam Koenig - Kim Banta - Kim Moser - Senator Damon Thayer   They review...

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