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To actively promote and build a positive business environment in Covington, Kentucky.

Our Vision

CBC maximizes the potential for economic growth in the City of Covington.

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The Whitney Building

Monday, Jun 4th

Whitney building resized

When the Covington Business Council hosts our regular Hard Hat tours it’s usually a “forward-thinking” exercise. In other words we wait with anticipation for the business that will occupy the space. But with the rich historic nature of our architecture it’s sometimes fun and interesting to look at how buildings...

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Covington’s Future Look Downtown

Tuesday, May 15th

The Covington Business Council is shepherding efforts to help the City of Covington create revised design standards that will speed the process of continued development in the Central Business District. Thanks to a generous $30,000 grant from the Carol Anne and Ralph V. Haile Jr/US Bank Foundation, the CBC -...

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