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Through the lens of a 40-year career in broadcasting and advertising, Terry Dean provides anecdotes and insights for achieving objectives and building successful long-term customer and personal relationships. Among the topics covered are strategies for identifying needs, reaching goals, developing a plan, managing time, and the P.L.E.A.S.E. system for working with people in your life. Entertaining and informative, Exceeding Expectations will provide you with strategies for getting things done.


Jeremy L. Boerger started his career in Information Technology Asset Management (ITAM) fighting the Y2K Bug at the turn of the 21st Century. Since then, he has helped companies in manufacturing, healthcare, banking, and service industries build and rehabilitate successful hardware and software asset management (SAM) 

practices. These experiences prompted him to create the Pragmatic ITAM method, which directly addresses and permanently resolves the fundamental flaws in current ITAM and SAM implementations. He also tours the country, speaking at numerous conventions and symposiums throughout the year. In 2016 he founded Boerger Consulting, LLC, to better help business leaders and decision-makers fully realize the promises a properly-functioning ITAM and SAM programs can deliver. In his off hours, you will find him at home in Cincinnati, Ohio, with his wife and family.


During a successful 30-plus year career Dennis Devlin has become a leader in the marketing and insights space. He has had the great fortune to work with many of the world’s largest marketing organizations and brands including Procter and Gamble, Kraft Heinz, and Eli Lilly and Company to name just a few.

With broad and deep strategic research, marketing, and branding expertise, Dennis is known for consistently translating insights into effective marketing and branding strategy that helps drive growth for clients.

Dennis is a recognized marketing and insights thought leader and an in-demand public speaker. He regularly presents to companies and organizations as well as at conferences about insights related to innovation, marketing, and branding effectively for B2B and B2C clients, and agency and consultancy partners.

Dennis is a husband and father with interests that include improv and stand-up comedy and traveling with his wife of more than 30 years. He also spends some of his leisure time as a board member of the American Marketing Association chapter in Cincinnati and as the Chair of the CMO Roundtable Program.